Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do with my used toner cartridges?

A: The University Bookstore manages the Toner Recycle program.  Please call 575-3738 for information of how best to discard your used toner cartridges for printers, and all copiers and multifunction devices, whether owned or leased through PMC Solutions Departmental Copier program.

Q: Where and how can I see the different models offered on campus?

A: There are many models and many different features for each model.  Because the list can be so large, we offer to meet with departments, discuss their needs, and work up different options based on their needs, expected volumes, and budgets so a department feels confident they have made the best decision.  PMC Solutions also offers vendor demo days periodically for vendors to show new models to the campus community and answer questions. Once a department narrows down what models will work best for them, we can arrange to see like models placed on campus, and the departments can discuss and exchange information about reliability, features and functions.

Q: How do I get service for my copier or multifunction device?

A: Please call 575-6065 with your MO# and the service issue.  Once we receive the call, we coordinate a vendor-certified service technician to come and address the issue.

Q: How do I order paper or staples for my Copier or multifunction device?

A: Please call 575-6065 with the MO# for your copier (or a PO# if applicable) and PrintMailCopy Solutions will deliver the order. 

Q: I have a message on my copier that says Toner is low.  What do I need to do?

A: Most copier or multifunction devices will give a warning when a supply item is soon to be needed.  This could be toner, waste containers, Fusers, Or Xerographic modules to name a few.  Once this warning comes up, call 575-6065 with your MO# and what the supply is that is needed, and Print•Mail•Copy Solutions will deliver the supply.

Q: We have a new staff member in our department, and they do not know all the features of our Copier or Multifunction device.  Our Copier is 2 years old.  Who can train them?

A:  All of our vendors are made aware that we are a university and we tend to have turnover.  They have agreed to come, anytime, during a contract period, and train new people, or give additional training as needed or required.  Please call 575-6065 to arrange for training for your copier.

Q: Why would I lease a copier through Print•Mail•Copy Solutions Departmental Copier Program instead of buying a Desktop printer?

A: PMC Solutions Departmental Copier program works through state contracts and other available contracts to offer the best pricing for the campus community.  Because we have over 200 placements on campus, we have local service technicians available, supplies and paper centrally located on campus, that we deliver, and a full-time service call coordinator to assure your devices stay running as effectively and efficiently as possible.  We work hard to continue to offer copies and prints, at lower cost than what the industry standards state the print cost would be for desktop printers that do not include paper, service, toner, and the staff coordinating the ordering, inventory, and delivery of supplies, paper, and service.