Renew a Passport

Should you renew your US Passport in person?

Yes, if you:
1. Were under the age of 16 when your previous US Passport was issued; or
2. Lost your previous US Passport, or it was damaged or stolen; or
3. Have a previous US Passport that expired more than five years ago.

Renewal Applications for children 16 and under require submission of previous passport as well as an official state-issued birth certificate (with a raised seal.)

Applicants who will renew in-person will complete the DS-11 form. 

Should you renew your US Passport by mail?

Yes if you do not meet one of the three conditions listed above. You will renew your passport by mail even if you have a name change since your previous US Passport was issued. 

Applicants who will renew by mail will complete the DS-82 form. All applicants who possess a previous US Passport will submit that passport as proof of citizenship; a birth certificate is not required.

Each type of application is available at University of Arkansas Passport Services.

Applicants who fit the criteria to renew by mail are welcome to come in for photographs at the Campus Card office at the Arkansas Union for a $15.00 fee.

Please visit the United States Department of State website for printable application forms and further information.

University of Arkansas Passport Services is currently accepting walk-up applicants during the hours of 9:00am through 3:00pm--no appointment needed! The office is closed on weekends, University of Arkansas Holidays and when the University of Arkansas is closed for business during academic breaks.