Metering Service

This service is provided as a convenience to University departments. Out-going U.S. Mail requiring postage is collected by mail officers at the same time deliveries of incoming mail are made. Metered mail bypasses several processing steps at the U.S. Post Office, thus ensuring speedier delivery over stamped mail. After meter postage is applied, letter mail is bar-coded and presorted by a local presort company. All presort savings are passed on to departmental accounts.

Code numbers are issued to departments for identification/charge-back purposes when metered postage is to be applied to mailing pieces. The code number must appear in the upper, right corner of envelopes or parcels before postage will be applied. Departments which have not previously utilized meter services may obtain information by contacting Mailing Services at extension 575-5649.

University policy requires that all meter mail display a University (Department) return address. Policy also prohibits the use of meter mail service for personal mail.