Incoming U.S. Mail is sorted, bundled and delivered by University mail officers twice daily Tuesday through Friday to most departments, once daily on Monday and once daily to outlying areas of campus.

U.S. Mail addressed to students living in residence halls is delivered directly to each hall by the Postal Service. Standard Mail (Parcel Post) is delivered separately by a mail officer to departmental offices.

A University address should not be used for delivery of personal mail. Post office boxes are available at the Campus Post Office Postal Plus for this purpose.

All outgoing U.S. Mail, whether metered at Mailing Services or affixed with departmental postage stamps, is collected from the Mail Center at various intervals each afternoon before 5:00 pm.

Note: With few exceptions, all incoming U.S. Mail is delivered the same day it is received from the Postal Service. With few exceptions, Campus Mail is delivered during the next scheduled delivery after pickup.