Nonprofit Mail

Mailing Services has established a centralized nonprofit (formerly known as bulk mail) service under University Permit #278 with the Postal Service. The Campus Post Office is the clearinghouse for all departmental nonprofit mailings. Instructions are available at no charge to departments at the Campus Post Office. Nonprofit is a much less expensive, yet efficient method of mailing printed pieces of identical size and weight, addressed in quantities of not less than 200 pieces or not less than 50 pounds. Postal regulations and University policy require that a University (department) return address be displayed on all nonprofit mail pieces. Departments should be aware that delivery of nonprofit mail is a non-priority item and can be slower than first class mail delivery.

The Campus Post Office and the U. S. Postal Service do not guarantee the processing of a nonprofit mailing on the same day it is received. Therefore, departments should prepare nonprofit mailings well in advance of the anticipated delivery date. Contact the Campus Post Office at 575-2650 or Mailing Services at 575-5649. 


Nonprofit Mailing Form